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Logan Cryer is a curator based in Philadelphia with a penchant for local art histories. They currently serve as the Co-Curator of Icebox Project Space. Logan is an alum of Moore College of Art & Design, where they acquired a BFA in Fine Arts and minored in Curatorial Studies. Logan attended Headlong Performance Institute in the Fall of 2017 and has orbited experimental performance and dance spaces ever since. Since 2020, Logan has been a part of Television, a service that provides low cost technology rentals to curators, activists, and organizers in Philadelphia. In 2021, Logan launched SNAIL Gallery, an online curatorial experiment. SNAIL consists of exhibitions that are posted temporarily to Instagram and are subsequently archived through an essay, an artist talk, and the sharing of artist quotes. Logan is a contributor to Artblog and one of the hosts for Artblog Radio. They like to rewatch documentaries. 


Moore College of Art & Design, BFA in Fine Arts, Minor in Curatorial Studies, 2019

Headlong Performance Institute, 2017



CRIB, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia PA, 2022

Grapefruit Fantasy, SNAIL Gallery, Instagram, 2022

Now, One With Everyone!, Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia PA, 2022

Dark Sousveillance, Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA, 2021

Ecology and Collage, SNAIL Gallery, Instagram, 2021

Anger Knot, SNAIL Gallery, Instagram, 2021

Ritual and Rhythm, SNAIL Gallery, Instagram, 2021

Influence and Deconsecration, SNAIL Gallery, Instagram, 2021

Attenuate, Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia PA, 2018

Perspective by Surroundings, At Attic, Philadelphia PA, 2018

Defer to-, Surge Gallery, Philadelphia PA, 2017

Theres no time left…, Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA, 2017

Now One With Everyone, Human Fest, Philadelphia PA, 2017

Night of Performance: Moore Edition, Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA, 2017


Group Shows

Rare Visions & Roadside Revelations, The Galleries At Moore, Philadelphia PA, 2022

Now, One With Everyone!, Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia PA, 2022

Open Diaries, Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA, 2019

20th Annual 5 into 1 Exhibition, Green Hallway Gallery, Philadelphia PA, 2019

Keystone Clay: East, Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, MD, 2019

Surround, the front, New Orleans LA, 2018

Vacation in November, Little Berlin, Philadelphia PA, 2017



Librarian, Street Road Artists' Space, 2022

Glen Foerd, Philadelphia PA, 2021



VOLUMES, installation by Ezra Masch, 2022

Killjoy’s Kastle, installation by Allyson Mitchell and Deirde Logue, 2019

Queer Genius, film by Chet Pancake, 2018

Passionfruit Dances, performances series by Shreshth Khilani, 2017


Arts Administration 

Co-Curator, Icebox Project Space, 2022 - present

Grant Program Coordinator, Temple Contemporary, 2022

Convenings Manager, Blood Baby, Summer 2021

Studio Manager, Amber Art and Design, 2020 - 2021

Continuing Education Administrator, Moore College of Art and Design, 2019-2020

Project Manager, Killjoy’s Kastle Philadelphia, 2019

Grants and Administrative Intern, Leeway Foundation, 2018-2019

Exhibitions Coordinator, Icebox Project Space, 2017-2018


Philadelphia Citizen, contributor, 2022-present

Artblog, contributor, 2018-present


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Logan Cryer and Tim Belknap on their open-call show, “Now, One with Everyone!” at Icebox Project Space - Artblog

Art for Change: The Arts and Culture Archivist - The Philadelphia Citizen

How Logan Cryer ’19 is Getting Moore Out of a Season of Stillness - Moore College Alumni Stories

Impassioned creativity plus awareness of being watched, in ‘Dark Sousveillance’ at Vox Populi Gallery - Artblog

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