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259 References

There are 259 references on the Wikipedia page for Random Access Memories.

My 2011 Lenape High School Yearbook has 0 signatures.

My 2012 yearbook has oh.

My 2011 yearbook has oh .

I forgot there was a Christian club called "Fellowship of Christian Athletes."

Below that is a picture of me next to Jess because we did stage crew together. Jess is dead now. She was a Christian, but maybe wasn't in FCA because she preferred to be the person on which every lighting cue depended.

By the time the choir band trip happened, it was too late for it to be included in the yearbook.

Of the 259, 114 are about how the album ranked. I found the perfect tracklist for the album. The computer is trying to make me believe that "tracklist" is not a word.


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