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3. What parts of yourself...

What parts of yourself do you see in the person you're criticizing?

In Daft Punk I see artists who missed the mark and thought they knew when something was poppin when it really wasn't. I see artists who are so intellectual that that their new work lacks soul, and I see people who make decisions based on profit, status, and status quo over the benevolence of good art. I see artists who forgot why they became artists in the first place.

Having answered these questions now, I can recognize how much of the things I listed are not verifiable facts nor are they particularly helpful to be credited to Daft Punk or myself.

I wonder if there's another way to say it now:

I see artists who were ambitious and trying new things. I see artists who are highly conceptual and thoughtful. I see people who have made art creation the business that supports them and their loved ones.

What are my criticisms for Brien? He was hurting me and either didn't realize it or didn't care? Where his mind was, it wasn't lowercase "here," it was in the place people hurting go. He brought me there too.

In myself I see; Brien was gone.


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