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6. What hard conversations...

What hard conversations have you been avoiding with yourself?

I don't like the person that I am embodying when I write to this blog and I don't know if I can dedicate enough time to this practice to figure out how to shift it.

Perhaps the issue more at hand is that I feel as though I need to have figured all of this out before I really get started. I haven't published that I am doing this blog much of anywhere and I tell myself it's because I am waiting for it to hit it's stride.

Why should there be a stride? Why do I think I would know it when I saw it?

It'll be embarrassing and people won't like it, would I be able to brush my teeth if this was true? I brush my teeth now knowing operating under the assumption that it is true now, so what difference could it make if I started believing that I was deserving of attention and care from others? I already know I can give it to myself.


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