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By the end I won't remember

I have thought about the fact that the more I write and listen to the album and recall memories from 2013, the more I won't remember them. After a year this album won't feel like blue bus seats dragging across Pennsylvania. It won't remind me of feeling -

You know what the feeling was? Here was someone I had dated and now we weren't dating. But I still liked him. Whatever space there is that doesn't fit in with a romantic feeling and what I thought friends were, we were walking around in that park. At least I was. I suppose the danger was that his park was different.

So I was relaxing on someone else's strong feelings for me and thinking it was just time to play in the sand. That's not my fault. It doesn't have to become sex.

I guess I already don't remember much.

There are some things I don't have to remember, because they're still here.

Well I checked and I guess my exes next girlfriend had a tumblr with "hitler" in the blog name. It's so upsetting it's making me forget what the fuck I'm doing here. Eating donut holes and wondering what death is like jesus christ.


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