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How did it begin?

It wasn't clear to me when Daft Punk formed, but many sources are sure of the fact that Guy-Manuel de Homem and Thomas Gangalter met in the early 90's. They were in a band called Darlin', which formed in '92 and sometime during the formation of that band, Guy-Manuel and Thomas were working on songs that would eventually get on their debut album as Daft Punk. Having read over the Wikipedia paragraph that explains all this a few times already, I think the years and dates are vague, which makes sense because high school is kinda a blur. Like I think I started dating Brien in 2012 and that we broke up later that year in early 2013 and then broke up again a little while later, but I don't know exactly when I decided to never talk to him again or when I first introduced myself.

Turns out also, that Daft Punk's former band Darlin', was also comprised of Laurent Bancowitz who went on to be in his brother's band, Phoenix. That was trippy because I don't think of Daft Punk and Phoenix as being musical contemporaries, though I did know they were both French. Daft Punk peaked in 2001 and Phoenix peaked in 2009.

I must have met him in homeroom my sophomore year. I think we met because Brien's best friend had been in some of my classes, including last year's homeroom, so we talked that way. I don't remember.


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