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I messaged Jack Deezl

So I think in about 2014 Jack Deezl really popped off as an EDM DJ and producer who was local to Philly. His Facebook page hasn't posted since 2016. In 2013 I asked him what he thought about the new Daft Punk album.

I knew about Jack Deezl because my boyfriend's other brother's friend was friends with him.

"I'm just curious, what do you think of the new Daft Punk album?"

I need to be honest about this, I'm writing this post on February 22nd. I got behind on posts and was planning to catch up and got a real kick in the pants today. I'm not even sure what I'm writing this for or what I'm writing this for. There's an end that I've been both ingesting and looking for. If I can swallow myself whole maybe that will be the way.

"its whatever... i dont think its that good but i dont think its bad. its just already been done before. its a good album if you like that disco throwback kinda thing but i think all the hype is just hype and that in a couple years people will have forgotten it.

but theyll probably start touring with a live band and be hailed as revolutionary for doing it, even tho its not revolutionary"


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