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I took a break

When the one Daft Punk assisted suicided the other Daft Punk, I had a lot of thoughts. Most overwhelmingly I thought, "This blog is a failure."

That's Brien's blog. My blog hasn't made a post in weeks.

I have a lot of things I am devoting time to and because this blog does not have an audience, it was easy to ignore it, push it to the side. There is so much I want to write about and always feel that I have not made the time to express me ideas in bright ways.

I wonder why Daft Punk broke up. I wonder if they wonder about it too. For what it's worth I've still listened to the album almost every day. For the people who think Daft Punk are gearing up for a surprise album release, I hope you can find comfort and I am hoping you didn't feel like you were in the perfect position to talk about Daft Punk and when the time came to do so you were too anxious to try.

This will seem to have been posted when it should have been because for the sake of keeping the posts in order, I cannot post more than "one a day." Trust, I wrote this on March 9th.


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