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I won't say I'm mourning

The video was a surprise but I can't say that I'm mourning. If I'm being honest I don't know how much I really expected Daft Punk to make another record, though I did not think that would mean they would break up in this way.

What do they get from spending tens of thousands of dollars to make a break up video? Renewed attention? Residuals?

I'll be honest, this news does make me concerned for the welfare of this blog. I can only imagine the saturation of Daft Punk related works that is going to come out of this death. What was interesting about writing this blog, the ultra benign punching up, may now seem uncouth at worst and ill-timed at best (rudeness is only about timing). Why would anyone want to read this now?

Logan, why are you making this moment about you?

Because Daft Punk isn't real and no one died.

I don't know how to more forward with this. I already was having trouble with how to move forward with this.


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