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Ideal setting for this album

Your friends couch is the most comfortable part of their new apartment. It's not as a big as their last one, which used to fit all four of you in the living room with no problem. Now the living room is crowded with the faded green sofa that used to have more room to breathe. It's 12:27 pm, you all have just returned from the concert of you and your friends favorite band. They're not your favorite band, but with the four of you together, your tastes have merged perfectly to this band's discography. You've all listened to them for years and this is the second time you've seen them live. You're feeling warm and sip on a beer you don't like very much. Everyone else drinks the same. The group has been listening to nondescript indie music when suddenly your friend squished next to you on the couch pops up and grabs the aux cord. When everyone asks what they're about to put on, the only thing your friend does is try to smirk. They fail, unable to contain their grin, and for a second make the most lopsided smile you've ever seen before it shifts comfortable into a full face of giggles.


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