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Let's dip a toe into dance

How do people dance to this album? I love homemade choreography videos. I have a playlist of people dancing to Animal Collective and each dance is terrible in it's own way, because I don't think the music choreographs well. But because I can't understand why these dancers did it anyway (and truthfully they're not all bad (and honestly I'm extremely jealous that they tried and didn't just imagine what it would be like to get up and dance on the train)) I worship these videos. The less views the better. Let's check out one for each track:

Wow, starting off strong. The person on the right floats and the person on the left is wearing the best outfit I've ever seen. These are two completely different types of movers and this dancing is so perfect for the track. I like that it's for a fitness class but also has no instruction or intro at all. The two of them together is perfection.

I probably have to dig deeper, but I couldn't find one for The Game of Love. I did however find this, which is a competitor at a line dancing competition dancing to The Game of Love by Santana. Which is interesting, because I didn't realize there was a version without Michelle Branch. When I was in 9th grade or so the middle school my mom taught at had a talent show. There were a group of really talented performers that we had all seen in the spring musical a few months before. They happened to all be in a band together and were in a group called "Snow Day." They played what I swear to Christ was a shoegaze cover of this song. I can still hear it. I had it recorded on my phone for a while. Can you imagine? It was so good and I'd pay a lot of money for someone to recreate it.

This must be a style of dance I'm not familiar with. I have no words. I love it.

couldn't find one for Within

I am a Mystic. Funnily enough, there were quite a few dance videos to this song with over 1,000 views. Usually more.

If you're seeing the age restricted notification that's hilarious. This song is great to walk to tho.

I'm not gonna lie, there's a lot of unintentional humor in this video. It's so strange. These kids are more creative than I'll ever be.

Ah yes, kids on the internet. Also, not many people dance to this track.

I like the way this video literally makes the song sound, but also how the dancing shapes the way I'm listening to it. I actually really like this track but haven't talked about it much.

Closest thing I could find to a dance. I'm surprised!

I'm not gonna lie, 1:04 is fire.

Also, honorable mention to this video I found last week

When the beat drops, they do kinda go off tho.


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