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Maybe someone on Youtube likes Within

By notice of a top comment I have discerned:

  1. The song is about needing to love yourself.

Well, I think there is no lyrical evidence to support this. I suppose song lyrics, especially for pop songs, must be understood within the context of "personal possibility."

It may not be that this song says anything about self love, but there is space in the moments after the song ends for the listener to speculative an additional a narrative, where the solution to the singer's tumult is self love. I thought Within referred to wanting to know oneself, but this Youtube commentor seems to have noticed that "within" could refer to the place to find the love being searched for in the song.

That does make me frustrated however. I think people give this song more credit than it deserves.

I immediately feel stupid for thinking that.

Like, how could that be wrong when Daft Punk clearly are writing a song that has vague lyrics that are open for personal possibility? It's not that the commentor heard something that was the opposite of what was being said.

Another comment says, "6 year olds when they see their girlfriend being pushed on the swings by someone else" and that to me is a much better representation of the song; earnest, babyish, shallow, heartfelt.


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