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This one could stick around for a while, though it does have it flaws. Namely, it does not include every track on the album and when I'm finished listening to this listing, I have to go into a different playlist just to make sure I hear every song on the album.



Doin' it Right

Giorgio by Moroder

Fragments of Time

Instant Crush

Lose Yourself to Dance

Give Life Back to Music



This arrangement allows the album to start off mellow and spacey. The instrumentation of Beyond gets more attention being a frontrunner rather than third quarter straggler. Moving it up is both a strength and a weakness; although the composition is very considerate, it becomes rather repetitive as it goes on. The last 8 bars of the song need to be cut for sure. Regardless, it's a bit fun to start a Daft Punk album with strings, so at the top it stays.

Again, this list works much better in some ways but does feel like a cop out to not include every track. I know the last RRAM I said cutting tracks was what I'd do next. I've done it now.


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