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Tom died in 2012

I guess there's more I remember but every time I think of what made Ohio open up, it was the what you said to me on the Spirit of Cleveland. Somehow I was alone. I am seeing the rippling reflecting a drowsy sun. When you asked what I'm looking at I said, "Nothing." When you ask what's on my mind I tell you, "I feel like he should be here." So you said, "Yeah, he should."

Tom never heard the album. If he had, I would have asked him what he thought about it. When he told me his favorite song, and it would be my favorite song.

Would I have played him Animal Collective by then? I would have taken the chance to show him what Panda Bear could really do. He would have said he liked it and I would have become a lit match.

On that boat we would have a conversation that was just me and him. When it was over, he would talk to someone else.


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