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Within is the worst

If I wanted to be kind I could have empathy for two old men who have written a song about being sentimental old men. It's clever to make it seem like the song is from the POV of a robot, but they're not fooling me. The lyrics are so stilted, and it's not because it would be "in character" for a robot to speak in poor prose. I think it's the result of two writers who wrote an embarrassing song.

The fact that "Something About Us" exists kinda makes every ballad on this album inexcusable.

I've been looking forward to being embarrassed lately. When I think ahead to getting married, I think, Gosh, I can't wait for this day where I am going to feel completely humiliated and uncomfortable because I will have to be earnest and emotional in front of so many people.

I really think embarrassment is a sign of courage. I admire it more than ever. Do you realize what it takes to be embarrassed? Take it away Brené Brown.

However, I don't think the embarrassment of Within is the sentiment being expressed in the lyrics. What's embarrassing is that they think it is a good song.

Wait, who the fuck is Chilly Gonzalez?


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