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Arrest this man.

okay to start tho ive been watching Married at first sight and Im in love with it I think? Watching this show makes me feel calm in a way I can't describe so I feel high inebriated.

Like, I've literally been listening to this show all day and then immediately jumped into RAM at 10:30pm so I could make my daily quota.

And the album slapped?? Like it started off and I was YES and then for the first time I heard The Game of Love and I got it! You can dance to it! Giorgio by Moroder was wonderful.

But dear god. Within fucking killed it.

Chilly Gonzalez is a piano player who helped Daft Punk make Random Access Memories. He plays the opening piano line on "Within" and may have done some arrangements or playing for Give Life Back to Music.

After my awareness of his contribution to Within, I looked him up. I can be honest, I did not want to like what I found. I did not disappoint my bias.

If you want to watch it you can, but I won't insert his collaborator video in the post directly. What kills me is the gravity with which he talks about arranging the piano intro for Within. Chilly literally goes, "So the previous song was in one key...and this next song was in another by starting on this chord, and going to this chord, and THEN this next chord...I made a Key Change."

I wonder sometimes If I can actually randomly get high or manic or something else. I don't know what else goes on with my body much but you know what happened to me my freshmen year of college? I had a crush on someone who lived far away and when we texted I would feel nervous and my chest would ache. I barely thought of it until one day I noticed that the ache was pain. When I paid attention to the feeling inside of my chest, and acknowledged it was there, I thought about Brien. He was the last person I had been intimate with, and at the time it had only been a little over a year since he last grabbed me. For the first in a long time I focused on the pain and I wailed. When I was finished crying, talking to my crushes never made my chest ache again.

The thing is like, I'm not even a musician and I know that chord progressions are not that impressive. He was working with simple chords. Do they work well musically? Sure. But he's not a genius just for that. It feels like he wants the viewer to be impressed and feel like he knows something they couldn't begin to fully understand.

That's a feeling I have about this album in general. If Daft Punk really made this technically impressive album, why didn't they tell everyone how they did it? So much secrecy around this production. Why does the fact they're talented need to feel out of reach?

Have you seen the way talented musicians talk? No I mean brilliant composers. The way music has become so simple for them, musical knowledge becomes a gift like a smile.


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