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It's a bit dark

In the Epilogue video, after one of the robot asks to be killed, the bridge from Touch starts to play. Children singing, "Hold on. If love is the answer you're home."

So what does it mean that he didn't want to live anymore?

Daft Punk has constructed a brand that is based in the idea that there are two robots who are trying to learn what it means to be human and had to confront their limitations as robots. Tracks on Random Access Memories that support this are Within, Touch, Contact. You have Human After All, which is both a track and the album name. You could say Digital Love. I could argue Discovery creates parallels between a robot learning about love and life and someone narrating their epic night out. There might be more songs on Human After All but it's nearly impossible to listen to that album.

This video makes it seem the conclusion of this journey is that the love was not found.

Maybe they could have loved each other.


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