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Daft Punk returns with "RAM" - a munchy of an album

The last album by Daft Punk was released in 2005 with much fanfare and little applause. "Human After All" was the title of the rockish record and was also the thing that people said when they were eagerly listening to the album but were thinking about how much that they weren't enjoying it as much as the previous records so maybe Daft Punk wasn't musically infallible.

All eyes were on Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, which might explain the nearly inexplicably increase of car wrecks in Los Angeles during the week before the album release and the two weeks after the album release. Fans wondered, how good will this record be? Critics wonder, will this be another blunder from the Punk? Me? I was growing my fingernails real long and painted them sunflower orange.

Random Access Memories starts with Give Life Back to Music and closes with the track Contact. More often than not, between those two tracks are new songs by the French duo.

For the most part, they are alright. I love you if you're reading this dear god just tell me that.


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