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I guess it's not random really, but this is me rearranging (OH Rearranged Random Access Memories works too) the tracks on RAM to see if I can make it better.

Here's what I tried today:



The Game of Love

Instant Crush

Lose Yourself to Dance

Fragments of Time

Get Lucky




Doin it Right

Giorgio by Moroder

Give Life Back to Music

Rearranging the tracks was interesting. In painting class sometimes the instructor would have you turn your painting upside down so you could pay less attention to the image being depicted and notice the composition and technique more. I definitely experienced that effect with this album.

Overall this album can't be fixed by rearranging the tracks because some of the tracks are bad. What I might try eventually is like a corrected track list version and the rest will be "bonus tracks" or something.

Touch into Contact was phenomenal. There is a great sonic and thematic connection between those two tracks. Doin' it Right has some melodic features that appear again in Giorgio by Moroder, which I never noticed before.

Here's what i'm thinking for next time: maybe thinking about sexual activity as play. When you're playing, pain is kind of built into the expectation of what can happen. When you do get hurt you get to tag out for a moment and then when you're ready, play again. I think this is better than thinking of sexuality as a math test.


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